Sunday, July 10, 2016



I am the Artist of PREY FOR US, an ongoing webcomic about high school students being taught primal lessons in survival, loyalty, and violence.

With that said, this comic is truly a love letter to my best friends who have supported me and my art since forever. The Characters are based on them.

I've been working on PREY FOR US for 9 months prior to its release and intend to continue working on it for quite a few years to come. I currently have two full-time jobs doing work for Blinkstyle and WSVN-TV as a Graphic Artist so this comic gets squeezed into my life in between. My passion, however, is in telling stories through illustration. The main webcomic aside, I will also deliver posters, wallpapers, sketches and/or illustrated goodies each month.

My ultimate dream is to paint comics as my only source of income so I can focus on only that. I'm new to Patreon, but so far this looks like a good start to my journey! Even as I type I feel this electricity, a burning in my heart like if I'm on the verge of doing something that I was destined all my life to do. My Patrons, if you donate to me, I promise I will make this worth your while. Thanks in advance, you guys are already my best friends also.